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julie managing directorJulie Kelly Smith. Senior instructor and Studio Owner.

Julie has been working in the Fitness industry since 1993 and has been teaching the Pilates method since September 1999 after completing her teacher training with the MK Pilates in London and is level 3 Pilates instructor.

Julie was the first to bring Pilates to this area and opened the Borderpilates studio in 2003. Julie also holds
qualifications in one to one Pilates,Pregnancy and Pilates and Pilates for Seniors. She is commited to continous education regularly attending lectures,conventions and workshops to further
her knowledge and gain more qualifications.

Julies other qualifications consist of the following: Exercise to music, Free style Fitness yoga, Bodypump, spinning, BarreConcept, Stability ball, Cardiokick, Step, aerobics, body conditioning and Gym instruction

annbryant instructorAnn Kelly Bryant Pilates instructor.

Ann has been practising the Pilates technique since 1999 and began studying the method in 2003, she then went on to complete her teacher training in 2005 with the MK Pilates and is a level 3 instructor.
She has since qualified in pre and post natal. She also holds certification in Free style Fitness Yoga and stability ball.She is commited to continous education and regularly attends workshops and conventions to update het knowledge.

nicholar instructorNicola Richardson Pilates instructor.

Nicola has been practising the Pilates method since 2003, she then went on to study and complete her teacher training in 2009 and became a level 3 instructor. Nicola is also commited to furthering her knowledge and qualifications she also holds a Spinning qualification.