Vinyasa Yoga 
Vinyasa Yoga tends to be a faster paced class that focuses on connecting breath and action. The use of breath is at the very core of this practice; we are bringing awareness to the thing that holds so much power over our health and wellbeing. By drawing our focus to our breath and forming a more intimate connection with it, we are able to use this tool to help us through and maybe overcome physical and mental issues we may be holding onto without realising. Also referred to as “Flow Yoga”, Vinyasa offers a creative and playful environment to connect mind and body. As well as the obvious benefit of stress relief, Vinyasa classes offer a better range of motion within the body, cardiovascular health, and strength as the sequence works throughout the whole body and moves the body in ways that it might not normally.  
Slow Flow Yoga 
Slow Flow is, as the name suggests, a Yoga flow done at a slower pace. Movement is fluid and thoughtful while poses are held for a few breaths. It is a lower-impact form of yoga that works to build/delve deeper into the foundation of postures, improving our physical and mental states. Through performing slower movements and holding postures, we draw our attention to how each movement or posture feels within our bodies, bringing in more awareness to the connection between mind and body. As well as the physical benefits of improving strength, flexibility and mobility, the use of deeper breaths during sequences can strengthen lungs, improve blood flow and (naturally) lower stress levels within the body. Mentally, a Slow Flow class teaches us patience, neutral self-evaluation and holds the potential to welcome us into a meditative state which ultimately improves concentration levels.  
All yoga classes are and always should be open to absolutely everyone, but Slow Flow is often advised for those just beginning, those with injuries/physical ailments.